CD - 0927489882
Remaster released 11 October 2002, album first released in 1995

Tracks Credits
1. Loving The Alien David Bowie - Jones Music/Essex Music
Originally performed by David Bowie on the album Tonight. Released 1984
2. Sister Europe Butler/Ashton/Kilburn/Butler/Ely/Morris - EMI Songs
Originally performed by The Psychedelic Furs on the album The Psychedelic Furs. Released 1980
3. Heaven David Byrne/Jerry Harrison - Index Muxic/Bleu Disque Music Co. ASCAP
Originally performed by Talking Heads on the album Fear Of Music. Released 1979
4. Complicated Game

Andy Partridge - EMI Virgin Music

Originally performed by XTC on the album Drums and Wires. Released 1979
5. Berlin

Lou Reed - EMU Music Publishing

Originally performed by Lou Reed on the album Berlin. Released 1973
6. All The Way

Sam Cahn/James Van Heusen - Maraville Music Corp

Originally performed by Frank Sinatra. Released 1957
7. All Tomorrow's Parties

Lou Reed - EMU Music Publishing

Originally performed by The Velvet Underground and Nico on the album The Velvet Underground.
Released 1967
8. Let There Be Love Jim Kerr/Charlie Burchill - EMI Virgin Music
Simple Minds on the album Real Life. Released 1991
9. Disappointed Lydon/Dias/Edmonds McGeogh/Smith Hague - EMI Virgin Music/Cut Music For MCA Music
Originally performed by Public Image Ltd on the album 9. Released 1989
10. Really Good Time

Bryan Ferry - EG Music Ltd

Originally performed by Roxy Music on the album Country Life. Released 1974
11. At Night

Gallup/Hartley/Smith/Tolhurst - Fictions Songs Ltd

Originally performed by the Cure on the album 17 Seconds. Released 1980
12. Love Like Blood Coleman/Ferguson/Raven/Walker - EG Music Ltd
Originally performed by Killing Joke on the album Night Time. Released 1985
13. Heroes David Bowie/Brian Eno - Jones Music/EG Music Ltd
Originally performed by David Bowie on the album Heroes. Released 1977
Bonus Tracks  
14. Be My Friend Frazer/Rogers - Blue Mountain Music Ltd
  Originally performed by Free on the album Highway. Released 1970
15. Being Boiled Oakey/Marsh/Ware/Wright - EMI/Virgin Music Publishing Ltd
  Originally performed by The Human League as the album Travelogue. Released 1980
16. How Do You Sleep John Lennon - Northern Songs Ltd
  Originally performed by John Lennon on the album Imagine. Released 1971
17. Giant And Child Fugue Iva Davies/Max Lambert - EMI Songs Australia Pty. Ltd./Control
18. Pas De Trois Additional selections from the music score of the Sydney Dance Company's production of 'Berlin'.
  Originally performed by Icehouse at the Sydney Opera House, November 1995
Produced, arranged and recorded by Iva Davies
Iva Davies - Vocals, acoustics and bass guitars, keyboards, programming
Max Lambert - Piano
Paul Wheeler - Drums
Adrian Wallis - Cello
Additional programming and arrangement - David Chapman
Additional bass guitar - Steve Bull
Recorded by Iva Davies at Diva Studios, Whale Beach
Additional recording by David Chapman at Zig Zag Lane Studios, Crows Nest and by Simon Leadley
at Trackdown Studios, Camperdown
Originally mastered at E.M.I. Studios 301 by Don Bartley
Digitally remastered for CD by Iva Davies, Tim Ryan
  and Scott Ryan at DIVA and Trackdown Digital Studios
Front Cover - Katherine Griffiths, Sydney Dance Company
Photography by Greg Barrett
Design by Mark Denning Graphics
  New artwork by QL Graphics

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