CD - DIVAU 1 004
Released 2012, album first released in 1986
(P) and (C) 2012 DIVA RECORDS

Tracks Credits
1. Paradise ♥ ♣ Iva Davies: Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, Fairlight Music Computer
2. No Promises + # • Robert Kretschmer: Guitars, guitar treatments
3. Mr Big + Guy Pratt: Bass guitar, fretless bass
4. Angel Street ♥ Simon Lloyd: Reeds and brass, solo trumpet, keyboard programming, Fairlight
5. The Flame + ♣ • Andy Qunta: Keyboards, backing vocals
6. Regular Boys ♥ Steve Jansen: Drums and percussion •
7. Cross The Border + • Masaki Tanazawa: Drums and percussion
8. Spanish Gold ♥ ♣ Brian Eno: Backing vocals, treated piano and keyboards
9. Lucky Me ♥ Additional keyboards: David Lord
10. Baby, You're So Strange + String section: Stuart Gordon (arr. David Lord)
11. Too Late Now + ♣ • Girls voices: Shena Power
12. Into The Wild + • Additional percussion: Gasper Lawal, David Lord and Glen Tommey
  Backing vocals: P.P.Arnold, Maureen Green
Bonus Tracks Glen Krawczyk: Bass guitar ♦
13. Just A Word ♠ Paul Wheeler: Drums ♦
14. The Perfect Crime Δ~ ♥ Produced by David Lord, engineered by Warne Livesey, assisted by George Shilling
15. The Flame(live) ♦ ♣ + Produced and engineered by Rhett Davies for E.G. Management,
16. No Promises (live) ♦ additional engineer Andy Lyden, assisted by Andrew Canelle and Matt Howe
17. Sister (live) ♦ × ♥ Recorded at Crescent Studios - Bath and Livingston Studios - London
  + Recorded at the Whitehouse, Air Studios, The Town House - London
  Mixed at Crescent Studios by David Lord assisted by Raine Shine except
  # Mixed by David Lord and Warne Livesey
  Recorded on Mitsubishi Digital 32 Track and mixed on Mitsubishi 2 Track
  supplied by Hilton Sound Ltd.
  ♠ Produced, engineered and mixed by Iva Davies at Trash Studios - Sydney
  Δ Produced, engineered by Iva Davies at Crescent Studios - Bath, Mixed by Glen Tommey
  ♠ and Δ Iva Davies: Lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, Fairlight Music Computer
  Robert Kretschmer: additional guitars
  ♦ Produced by Iva Davies and recorded live at the Tivoli, Sydney on 20th May 1986.
  Mixed by Iva Davies, David Hemming and Steve Gilbey at Trash Studios - Sydney
  Originally mastered at Festival Records, Sydney by Paul Ibbotson
  Remastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301
  All songs written by I. Davies and R. Kretschmer except ♣ written by I.Davies
  × written by Iva Davies and Michael Hoste, and
  ~ written by Iva Davies, Robert Kretschmer, Andy Qunta and Masaki Tanasawa
  All songs published by Kobalt Australia
  Cover Photography by Brett Cabot
  Original artwork David McKenzie
  New artwork by Debaser
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